Our Approach

Sourcing high quality coffee

Our quality begins at origin, sourcing unique specialty grade coffees that can be traced back to farm lots, tree varietals and processing methods. So our team regularly visits origin at harvest time to select these coffees and work with farmers on improvements.We find direct trade gives us the ability to truly influence the beans we buy to meet our flavour profiles and an opportunity to support the people who grow our beans.


Coffee roasting expertise

To extract the best from your beans requires understanding the effect of roast times and temperatures, density and moisture, pressure and airflow. These to can vary based on processing method used and from season to season.To ensure consistency in our blends, we regularly cup our coffees and taste our espresso blends.This helps us continually tweak our blends and guide our green bean purchases.


Freshness is paramount. Under ideal storage conditions, whole bean coffee will remain fresh enough to make good drinks for about 28 days after roasting. Coffee beans are best kept in a cool dark place in a sealed air-tight container. Once coffee is ground it begins to deteriorate immediately. Freshly ground coffee tastes better, whether you are making coffee by espresso, plunger or filter, you should only grind beans only before brewing. Our coffee has the roasting dates on the bags, so you know exactly the freshness of your coffee.

Barista training

To make excellent coffee, you need not only fresh coffee but skilled baristas.  We have a team of barista and latte art proffesionals and cupping specialists. We enter competitions because it educates and develops our skills and knowledge. It keeps us at the forefront of coffee trends.Training is a service we provide to our customers all year round.

Service & Equipment

Each café is assigned an account manager as your one point of contact. Our account managers are hospitality professionals with years of barista experience.They will advise you on the best equipment and ensure regular technical servicing. Their skills and the team behind them will ensure your café is at the leading edge of the industry. 

Private Labelling

Displaying your own branded product label will promote your identity and bring your customers back again and again. When you private label, we simply replace our label with your custom label, so it is completely branded to your business. We offer several options for free private labelling, with low minimums and at wholesale prices.

Espresso Blends and Single Origins

We have four distinctive Arabica espresso blends and we are in the midst of R&D to develop more blends to suit the discerning palate of our customers. We create custom blends, contract roast and pack under your private label. We roast a large selection of top quality single origin beans weekly, including estate, plantation, cooperative, organic, Fair-trade and Rainforest Alliance coffees.