Homes to Life Coffee Appreciation December 27 2015

The last private session of coffee appreciation was held in conjunction with HomestoLife Singapore (HTL). We invited a small group of guests and held a simple round session to share and explore together on the similar passion of coffee Singapore. 

Our gentlemen were all smiles and ready to brew some coffee and have some good exchange with the guests on coffee brewing and roasting. We are always ever-learning and growing to increase our knowledge about coffee. In such a small and warm setting, thanks to HomesToLife we had the best atmosphere and location to enjoy the afternoon.

Of course apart from mingling and networking with one another, we wanted to get the guest to have some "edufun". We have beans which we are the coffee roasters ourselves, we got the guests to mix and create their perfect blend of coffee. We were happy to see the smiles on everyone's faces as they have accomplished their own signature blends at the end of the session.

Wrapping up the day, each of guests went home with a bag of our Handlebar Expresso. Look forward to more of such events popping up near you and do follow us on our Facebook Page: Gentlemen's Coffee Company for Events updates or special announcement!


WELL DONE is always better than well said
— Benjamin Franklin

Have a cup of coffee on us.

Good-bye until next time. This is Z, Slgning off.