Cupping at Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia November 21 2015

On 16th November, our Gentlemen were at a cupping event held by the Trade Attache of the Embassy of the republic of Indonesia in Singapore in collaboration with Javanero Coffee and Solok Radjo Coffee and Singapore Coffee Association.

We had Vice Ambassador of Indonesia Ridwan Hasan to open the event. Other attendees and guests includes the chairman of the Singapore Coffee Association, Victor Mah, cafe owners, coffee roasters and traders in Singapore. The session started with a wholesome Indonesia Specialty Coffee presentation followed by a cupping session of Arabica beans where our Gentlemen comes into play. 

In Singapore, with a great dissemination of specialty coffee from Africa and Latin America this is an effort on their side to promote Indonesia coffee. During the coffee cupping session, everybody gets to observe the tastes and aromas of brewed coffee. 

The coffees which were cupped during that day were from Javanero West Java Pasundan in the province of West Java, Indonesia atop of Mount Tilu. The other plantation were from West Sumatra in Solok Highland.

Each type of coffee brings out a different notes and body even if they were from the same place. Thus showing the exquisite variance of the coffee beans. We had wet processed, honey processed and peaberry beans from Javanero and from Solok Radjo, we brought in dry hulling, semi wash wet hulling, honey processed and natural processed.

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It was a totally great session as we learn more and hear from the rep about the Solok Radjo Cooperative and the interest and sustainability of Solok Radjo Highland coffee farmers. We enjoyed ourselves much as well as we continue to open up the doors to possibilities and experiences.

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Have a cup of coffee on us.

Good-bye until next time. This is Z, Slgning off.