Coffee Appreciation at PricewaterhouseCoopers (5th Oct/19th Oct 2015) October 25 2015

We were pleased to organise another workshop in this month of October. In collaboration with Bicycle Barista Singapore, we worked up a storm in PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC). We had a healthy group of 77 pax (in 2 sessions) and the gentlemen were showering our participants with more love and insight of coffee. We were happy to have Chris from Bicycle Barista as one of the speaker.

The session started with a sit-down introduction to "Home Roasting" and "choosing the right coffee". This is basically a compact introduction to the craft coffee roasting. After a demonstration of a roast cycle to show the key stages of roast development, basic chemistry and science involved with coffee roasting was shared as well. We wanted to give the participants an insight of the whole roasting process and how it affect the flavour at the end of the day.

And our speakers proceed with the topic on choosing the right coffee, it is meant as an educational guide for our participants the next time they are out purchasing coffee beans from the shelf. After consuming freshly roasted coffee from cafe or other outlets, we wanted to share the secret that everyone can have that at home too. Buying whole beans will allow them to have the full experience of the Coffee's oomph when it is freshly grounded but if it is not possible, then there is a need to understand how to best consume pre-ground coffee from the shelves. Look for key indicator such as roasted-on date, will ensure that we can fully enjoy the full flavour and richness of coffee within a specific period but cross that deadline and no matter what fancy packaging or technology it comes with nothing much can be done to stop that decline.

The facts, knowledge was shared in bite sized chunk for easy absorption and still delivered with confidence and posture, that is the mark of a true gentleman.  oomph!

Introducing one of our important accompaniment, the amazing Le nez Du Café Collection by Jean Lenoir, have once again proved its significant worth. Never failing to guide any amateur to be able to train and enrich the olfactory memory and to better learn to smell coffee.

Our participants today have the opportunity to partake in the "Tasting Coffee" segment. They are guided on basic tasting steps:

1. Smelling the aroma

2. Tasting coffee (which consist of evaluating acidity and body)

3. Evaluating the after taste of coffee (finish)

Each individual is briefed on finding the 3 main components in a truly good coffee: Sweetness, Balance Flavour. With each sip, a good balance of organic acids call for a pleasing mouthfeel that makes the cup lively and not bitter, flat or rough. On a whole, the intensity of good flavours adds up to deliciousness. 

Education begins the gentleman, but reading, good company and reflection must finish him
~ John Locke

Have a cup of coffee on us.

Good-bye until next time. This is Z, Slgning off.