Coffee Workshop at Isetan Singapore (5th Sept/12th Sept 2015) September 19 2014

Our latest Coffee workshop event was held in collaboration with Isetan Singapore. Our gentlemen set up our space inside the mall where we held our workshop on two busy Saturdays. We were happy to get a good turnout for both sessions, where the attendees who have pre-registered came early allowing us to start the session decorously.

We wanted to let the attendees go home with two things in mind. One, be able to evaluate coffee beans that they encounter and two is to be adept at making that perfect cup of coffee at home. Our group of attendees definitely had a lot of fun learning and having hands-on exploratory moments with the equipments provided. There were numerous points of information being shared with everyone and we covered topics like detecting aroma and acidity of coffee beans, body as well as flavour of coffee. Curious questions that were asked from the floor were answered with the professional view of our Gentlemen.

With the Le Nez Du Café Collections by Jean Lenoir, we wanted to give everybody an amazing experience to use the kit to train their senses and be able to detect different coffee aroma.

When it comes to getting the hands dirty and down to business, everybody had loads of fun blending their own coffee during the French Press Coffee Making segment. Everybody was all smiles and laughter as our gentlemen gave good sound advice on brewing that perfect cup of coffee to each individual. Using a basic French press-brewing tool with Eureka Mignon Grinder. They were using the freshly grinded coffee beans to make their coffee.


At the end of the session, we were happy that we have met our goal to allow everybody to go home with something. Acquiring new knowledge and skill. So next time someone brew them coffee, we hope they will be able to appreciate the thought, care and effort that goes into the cup.

A gentleman is a lifelong learner. He maintains a teachable posture and embraces change for the better ~S

Have a cup of coffee on us.

Good-bye until next time. This is Z, Slgning off.